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The universal stand for tablets, e-readers, and mobile phones.

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Love at first sight

The Human Stump Stand visits Las Vegas in search of a soulmate and quickly falls in love with iPad. Their adventures include watching the Bellagio fountains, getting matching tattoos, and even getting hitched! What happens in Vegas...

we belong together

The Human Stump Stand visited iPhone 7 for a San Francisco weekend. Together they saw the Golden Gate Bridge, walked down Lombard Street, enjoyed coffee in Ghiradelli Square, and met lots of awesome people along the way!

Feature 3

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gear we love: new stump stand sits pretty, holds your ipad or iphone

"The success of the Stump is a direct result of its simplicity: There are no moving parts to break, no fiddling or adjustments required to find the right position."


"...shrewdly designed... makes any mobile devise much easier to use..."


Stump stand is functional, attractive, and inexpensive

I have nothing but good things to say about the Stump Stand, and that is a rare thing. Stump is the uncommon product that successfully combines utility with simplicity, is easy on the eyes, and comes at a reasonable price. I can't ask for more.


"...sometimes the simplest accessories are the best accessories. That's right, sometimes it doesn't need to be complicated for it to be remarkably useful. That's the case with this new tablet/eReader stand The Stump Stand..."

the soft-sided stand for tablets provides easy viewing angles for any OCCASION 

"This is an awesome product for homes with small children because you can leave it out and no worry about them hurting themselves on it. Plus, the Super Stump is durable and can get knocked around without any worry of getting damaged."

The best cookbook stands

"If you regularly read recipes on a tablet, an e-reader, or a smartphone, you could use a solid stand... the Stump Stand offers the best value. Designed to work with any device, it supports more viewing angles than the competition and sits more solidly on the counter; it's also one of the easiest stands to store."