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The universal stand for tablets, e-readers, and mobile phones.

stump stand




multiple viewing positions


The Stump is designed to be an adaptable stand for your iPad, tablet, e-reader, and smart phone - giving you ideal viewing positions for whatever you are doing. The Stump is small enough to be portable and is weighted for stability to ensure your device remains secure whatever the viewing position. The silicone material softly cradles your iPad and grips the surface it stands on to prevent slips. 


simple by design




Simplistic and functional design

Compatible with devices < 0.5" thickness

Made of soft silicone encapsulating a metallic base

Portable weight: 9 ounces

Measurements: 3.75" surface diameter and 1.6" height

Available colors: Black, Red, Seaglass, White, Royal Blue, Pink

Custom branding opportunities

one stand, many devices


own a smart device? the Stump stand is for you

Not only is the Stump Stand compatible with all versions of iPads, but also other tablets that are up to 0.5 inches in thickness. And it acts as an extra set of hands with your eReader, holding your Kindle or Nook for a comfortable reading experience. Essentially, if your device is 0.5 inches thick or less (at entry point), the Stump Stand is the stand for you.

Please note: the Stump Stand is NOT compatible with the large iPad Pro. Try your Super Stump for your iPad Pro.

weighted for stability

don't just take our word for it

... Shrewdly designed... makes any mobile device much easier to use...
— The Boston Globe
I use it a lot as my main traveling stand while I’m on business trips or vacation, but it also makes a good dock pretty much anywhere else, too
— iMore
Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best, which is why, for the past several years, my desk has been home to a Stump Stand.
— Mac World