The new iPhone and the Stump are Made For Each Other. In fact, the Stump is compatible with most smart phones, e-readers, and tablets. Our patented two step groove accommodates both thin and thick devices, leaving you free to update your phone while keeping the same stand. 


...shrewdly designed...makes any mobile device much easier to use...
— The Boston Globe
..sometimes the simplest accessories are the best accessories. That’s right, sometimes it doesn’t need to be complicated for it to be remarkably useful. That’s the case with this new tablet/eReader stand The Stump Stand...
— The Wall Street Journal
I have nothing but good things to say about the Stump Stand, and that is a rare thing. Stump is the uncommon product that successfully combines utility with simplicity, is easy on the eyes, and comes at a reasonable price. I can’t ask for more.
— PCWorld
...sometimes the simplest solutions are the best, which is why, for the past several years, my desk has been home to a Stump Stand
— MacWorld


Super Stump, Super Awesome


If you like our Stump Stand, you'll love our new Super Stump. Our ergonomically designed Super Stump sits on your lap and holds your tablet in multiple positions. No more propping up your tablet with a pillow. The Super Stump works well with all iPads, e-readers, and tablets. Reading in bed just got a whole lot easier.